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4 Better Times To Buy Than Cyber Monday

Some say Cyber Monday beats Black Friday when it comes to deals. But when it comes to some items, even Cyber Monday comes in second.

Some people miss Black Friday because they’re still too full from Thanksgiving to even ponder purchasing anything in person. Others miss it on purpose because they hear Cyber Monday is better.

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While Cyber Monday certainly has its share of decent online deals, it’s important not to get caught up in the hype of this shopping holiday.

Since it comes just a few days after Black Friday, some patient purchasers tend to go overboard. They feel that they have to “make up for lost time” since they spent nothing on Black Friday, so they go all out once Monday rolls around.

Others go crazy on Cyber Monday only due to its reputation. Although Black Friday may be more widely known, Cyber Monday seems like the “smart” day to cash in on deals. And some will buy things they don’t need just because it looks like the cool thing to do.

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Amazon’s Prime Day, or some other over-marketed sales holiday, know this: There are plenty of under-the-radar days to find deals too, so don’t believe the hype.

Some products are strategically priced at their lowest during certain times of the year. Many of them are popular Cyber Monday items, which is why this article is meant to open your eyes.

To what? To the fact that some deals are worth waiting for, and since you’re about to see when they’ll appear, you can skip Cyber Monday without losing any sleep.

Post-December for Holiday Decorations

It can be tempting to load up on holiday decorations when the season hits and they surround you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, retailers know this and use it to their advantage.

Decorations are in high demand during the holidays, so retailers can keep charging a premium without worrying about losing sales. In other words, be happy with the decorations you already have if you want to maximize your savings.

Once the holidays are over, you’ll find better deals on decorations than even Cyber Monday could offer. Stores will need to move their stock, and since people won’t be decorating anymore, you can snag some good finds at affordable prices.

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January and February for Bedding and Mattresses

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and even though beds are a necessity, retailers still discount them.

Is Cyber Monday your best bet for deals on bedding and mattresses? No, so if you were looking for a more comfy comforter or a better bed, wait just a little bit longer.

As far as bedding is concerned, you’ll find the cheapest sheets and the like during January’s white sales. And to get the mattress that goes under them, wait until February.

January for Exercise Equipment

What often comes with the new year? Resolutions, many of which are centered on fitness.

You may want to ring in the new year with some fabulous fitness equipment to help you meet your lofty goals. Cyber Monday may seem like the perfect day to find some, but wait until January instead.

You should find plenty of exercise equipment on sale during that first month of the year, so there’s no need to hurry now. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want to exercise during the holidays anyway with all the get-togethers and great food clogging up your calendar.

January for Jewelry

If it sparkles, wait until after the new year to buy it. That’s a solid rule to follow when it comes to jewelry since it often drops in price in January.

What’s the connection between jewelry and January? It’s right before Valentine’s Day, which is when tons of jewelry is gifted. Retailers know this and use January to entice buyers via deeper discounts.

Good Nesting

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