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Boost Your Holiday Budget While Working These Seasonal Side Jobs

Need extra cash for those upcoming holiday expenses? You can get it by working in one of these seasonal, part-time positions.

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The holidays are coming, and with that, comes two things: Your need for cash and the need for part-time workers by big box retailers looking to meet the holiday rush.

What’s the benefit of working a side job during the holidays? Besides the additional income you can use for spending, it’s competition.

As more workers are needed, retailers compete to recruit that much-needed help. In the process, you can find better wages and benefits than you’d usually see during other less busy parts of the year.

Who’s looking to hire? Here’s a tiny sample of that list:

1. Amazon

While online giant Amazon seems to stay busy throughout the year, they’re looking for help for the holidays.

You can find opportunities via Amazon’s jobs portal. Although they may not hire as many seasonal workers as in the past, they do need to staff their operations network super-soon with tens of thousands of people.

With wages hovering around $15 to start, you can earn decent money for your gift-buying needs. You may even be able to leverage the seasonal work into a full-time position with the company.

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2. UPS

As temperatures cool down, you may start seeing more UPS trucks on the road. UPS says they make 40 million deliveries during the holidays per day, which increases their need for drivers and related positions.

If you’re looking for full-time work, now’s the time to apply with UPS. Over one-third of their seasonal package handlers get full-time positions, so you could kill two birds with one stone.

As an added perk for college students, UPS offers tuition assistance for seasonal workers. Depending on your location, you could receive up to $1,300 towards your college tuition over three months.

3. Target

Target is looking to hire over 130,000 workers during the holidays at their retail locations and distribution centers. Look for openings on their seasonal jobs site, and you’re likely to find one near you.

At $13 per hour to start, Target offers competitive wages. Once hired, you also become eligible for a 20 percent discount on fruits and vegetables and 10 percent off items storewide. If you work on Thanksgiving or Christmas, you’ll get bonus pay too.

4. Gap Inc.

Want a seasonal job with the potential for career advancement? If so, look no further than Gap Inc. and its bevy of brand stores like Banana Republic, Gap, Athleta, and more.

Gap Inc. needs workers to fill seasonal positions at its retail stores, distribution centers, and call centers. Beyond competitive wages, seasonal workers can enjoy such perks as 30 percent discounts at outlet stores and a whopping 50 percent off at Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy.

5. Kohl’s

One of the largest department store chains in the U.S. is in the market for nearly 100,000 seasonal workers.

Work for Kohl’s at one of their retail stores or distribution centers, and you can enjoy weekly pay and a 15 percent employee discount. Bump up your hours to more than 30 per week, and you’ll become eligible for 401(k) and health benefits.

Good Nesting

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