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How To Get A Free Thanksgiving Turkey

What’s better than turkey on Thanksgiving? Free turkey, and here are different ways you can score one.

With the holiday shopping season upon us, you want to save as much money as possible so you can get the gifts you need. Every cent you can save counts, and one of the best ways to score substantial savings is via free Thanksgiving turkey.

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Several stores give out free or highly-discounted turkeys around Thanksgiving. While this may not seem like a smart financial move, they do it for marketing. And they do it to entice you to spend on other items in their store.

The following list showcases ways in which you can get that complimentary turkey. If you do have success, remember that just one turkey may not be enough to feed all your guests.

A pro tip is to have one pound of turkey per guest. This will ensure everyone gets fed. To have some leftovers for sandwiches and the like, aim for 1.5 pounds per guest.

With that out of the way, here’s your free turkey list. Hopefully, some of these options are in your area:

ACME Markets

You could snag a free turkey big enough to feed 10 to 14 guests in the past from ACME. All you had to do was present the coupon and spend $100 on a transaction.

Check with your local ACME to ensure this promotion is still running.

Fareway Meat & Grocery

Spend $50 or more at Fareway’s Famous Fresh Meat Counter, and you can get a free 14-pound basted young turkey.

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Giant Food Stores

If you shop a lot at Giant, you could use reward points from your Bonus Card to get a free turkey. While this was last year’s promotion, pick up a weekly circular to see if they’re doing it again.


If you purchase a Hormel Cure 81 ham, you could get a free Honeysuckle turkey to give you two protein options on your table.


Are you a Safeway Club Card member? If you make a $150 purchase, you could get a free turkey.


Have you been racking up points on your Price Plus club card at ShopRite? Depending on how many points you have, you could convert them into a free turkey or ham.


Shopping at Weis can pay off if you collect enough points. 400 points are usually enough to get a free turkey from this chain of grocery stores.


If there’s a WinCo near you, check to see if they’re still giving out free turkeys. Last year they did it if you spent $100.

Do you not see any local stores on this list? Contact your grocer to see what types of turkey deals they have going on. At the very least, you should find some discounts by asking around.

As you can see, stores get creative this time of year when it comes to holiday food promotions, and these examples show you the various ways people get turkeys without having to pay for them directly.

In short, don’t fret if your favorite store isn’t listed. A quick call could help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Good Nesting

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