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Make Money From Home, Testing Websites

These websites you like, they make money every time you visit them. What they don’t tell you is that you can make money too.

According to a Nielsen report released in 2010, the average person visits 89 websites every month. They could make up to $30 per hour by signing up to something called website testing.

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There are several legitimate companies that pay people to test websites. This includes, which helps big companies like Facebook and Walmart test new website features before they are released to the public. In this article, we explain how website testing works and how much money can you expect to make.

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What is website testing?

Website testing is a tool that most companies use to understand how users interact with their websites. This allows them to make corrections when some features are not working as intended. Facebook and Twitter, for example, rely on user testing to make sure their websites are working properly.

Website testing survey jobs have been around for years. Most large companies used to collect data from in-person focus groups. However, internet usage has sunk in so thoroughly that it no longer makes financial sense to require in person responses. Companies now hire remote participants to test their websites and provide valuable feedback.

How does website testing work?

One company, UserTesting, asks testers to record a 20-minute video where they test all or some features available on a specific website. Tasks may include opening specific pages or filling out forms. The nature and amount of tasks per test will depend on the type of website being tested. UserTesting in particular offers a guarantee that completing a test will not take more than 20 minutes. 

How much can you earn with user testing?

How much can people earn depends on which company they work for. For example, pays $10 per test. A user who completes tests one after the other can earn $30 per hour. People who complete tests one hour per day, five days a week, can make around $600 per month. Respondent, another user testing platform, pays $140 per hour on average. However, the selection process is more rigorous. pays its testers through Paypal. Other website testing companies may use other methods such as Payoneer. Also, anyone looking to test websites for cash should be aware that demand for testers tends to change. It is very likely that one tester may make varying amounts from month to month despite their being available to work.

In some cases, testers may spend several days without any assignments to complete. It can be risky to rely on these sorts of jobs to cover basic expenses or monthly bills. However, it may be useful to pay off debt or increase savings.

Good Nesting

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