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Tired Of Paying For Cable? Try These Free TV Apps

Cutting cable costs can free up some much-needed room in your monthly budget. Here are several apps that can help you reach that cord-cutting goal.

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As you look at your monthly budget in the quest to cut costs, you’ll probably notice that you’re paying more for cable than you’d prefer. And what’s the worst part about it? The fact that you probably only watch a fraction of the channels in your lineup.

More people than ever are cutting the cord when it comes to cable. As for why, first, the prices keep rising. Second, customer satisfaction keeps dipping. And third, there are so many options that allow you to stay entertained without having to pay your cable company to do so.

Will the following free TV options give you the exact same content you enjoy via cable? Not necessarily, but the point is to be creative with your entertainment if you genuinely want to enjoy it at no cost.

Free TV Apps That Will Cut Your Monthly Cable Costs


You’ve probably used YouTube in the past to stream music videos and comedic content, but if you look a bit deeper, you’ll realize the site can give you never-ending entertainment.

Use YouTube for educational videos. Watch hard-to-find documentaries to open your eyes to other worlds. Find free movies in high-quality. Or search for a topic, watch one video, and go down the rabbit hole that will keep you and your family glued to your screen for hours.

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Think of Crackle as Netflix, but free. It has its own original series. It has an extensive library of films from some of the biggest movie studios. And Crackle also has several classic TV shows that you and your loved ones can watch without having to pay a thing.


As you cut the cord, you may worry about not being able to watch the news. With NewsON, you can relieve yourself of that worry.

NewsON gives you much more than just local broadcasts, as you can use it to watch what’s going on from over 275 local news channels in 160 markets.

Do you only watch the news for specific segments like sports or the weather? With NewsON, you can pick which parts to watch so you can save time but stay informed.

PBS Kids Video

You can’t leave your kids behind when cutting the cord, which is why it’s nice to know that a free app like PBS Kids Video exists.

Keep your children entertained and educated with shows like Sesame Street and Curious George. And since the app is so user-friendly, your kids can control it while you do other things.

Tubi TV

Would you watch a few minutes of advertisements if you knew you didn’t have to pay for cable? You probably would, which is why downloading the Tubi TV app is a smart move when you’re looking to save.

You’ll be surprised at how many great movies Tubi TV boasts in its collection, as it has connections to mega movie studios like MGM and Paramount.

Funny or Die

When you need a free laugh, check out the Funny or Die app. Its content can be thought of as Comedy Central without the cost since Will Ferrell and Adam McKay founded it.

Good Nesting

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